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The Lawn Treatment Partnership: Your Role In Keeping Your North Dakota Lawn Thriving

As your dedicated lawn care specialists, our unwavering commitment is to give your lawn what it needs not only to survive but also to thrive. With industry knowledge and years of experience under our belt, we're more than happy to aid your lawn in its journey to ultimate prosperity and beauty! However, we need your help. While we can boost your lawn's strength and aesthetics with scheduled services, your efforts are equally important. We can't visit your lawn daily, but you can take vital steps to nurture it. Let's discuss how both our role as experts and your role as a homeowner can work together for the ultimate effective lawn treatment partnership.

The Lawn Treatment Partnership

We want to see your lawn flourish, but we can't do it all. That's why the most effective lawn care is a partnership between the efforts of both lawn specialists and homeowners. The homeowners' responsibility is to give their lawn its basic needs throughout the week between professional services. In addition, homeowners should keep a close eye on changes within their lawns in case more professional assistance is needed. As lawn specialists, our responsibility is to provide rich fertilizer applications and additional services that require expert insight and a trained hand.


Because a healthy lawn relies on both the homeowner and the specialist, we value communication every step of the way. Open communication lines are beneficial because they help us give homeowners valuable insight and tips for their yards and keep lawn care specialists informed about lawn changes. Overall, we see the best results when lawn owners are attentive to their turf's needs, even when we aren't there to service them.

Signs Your North Dakota Lawn Needs More Care

Are you seeing signs that your lawn isn't completely happy? As a homeowner, you've got eyes on your lawn daily. So, it's essential to identify when your lawn doesn't look well. If you haven't given your lawn enough care, it will begin hinting that it's sick and weak. Lawns will present several symptoms to let lawn owners know that more care is needed for the grass to be in tip-top shape. Watch out for these changes in your lawn indicating that it needs extra help:


●     Discoloration

●     Weed growth

●     Thinning grass

●     Bare patches

●     Dryness

●     Pest invasions

●     Waterlogged areas

●     Wilting grass blades

●     Fungal diseases

●     Thick thatch

●     Compacted soil

The Trio of Essential Practices: Mowing, Watering, and Fertilizing

The three golden lawn care practices essential for maintaining a healthy lawn are consistent mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Without one of the three, your lawn will never reach its full potential. Lawn care companies like us handle every fertilizing treatment for homeowners because it's a complicated task that requires understanding your soil's nutrient makeup and how to improve the soil composition. However, homeowners need to adequately mow and water on their own time. North Dakota lawns should get at least an inch of water per week and be trimmed to a height between 2.5 and 3.5 inches to prosper.


If you're a busybody with limited time to think about lawn care, there are other ways to meet your lawn's needs. For example, installing an irrigation system can make quick work of a laborious task. Watering is a key requirement, but automatic sprinklers can guarantee your grass gets enough watering on time every day. The most important thing is this: It takes all of the above to achieve a strong and eye-catching lawn.

Why All Three Practices Matter

Mowing, watering, and fertilizing go hand-in-hand. Mowing helps your lawn avoid matting and pests, all while concentrating fertilizer nutrients on root growth. Consistent, deep watering is also an essential part of a regular lawn maintenance routine. Water is vital for photosynthesis, which drives grass growth. Watering also helps fertilizer dissolve and seep into the deeper soil layers so your lawn can take advantage of every granule. All three practices must be followed to see the best results in your lawn.

What Can Lawn Care Experts Do For You?

While your care is critical for the health of your lawn, we play an important and helpful role in lawn maintenance. Our local expertise and practical knowledge come in handy for fertilizing services. We select high-quality products that will be applied at the right time for North Dakota lawns to thrive. Every fertilization we do throughout the year has different requirements for seasonal and climatic changes. Your lawn's nutritional needs and local climate conditions are carefully considered as we treat your grass.

Going Above And Beyond For Your ND Lawn

Mowing, watering, and fertilizing are the three core practices vital for a healthy lawn. But if you're still seeing signs of weakness or distress, your lawn might need additional help. Aeration and overseeding are two practices that are occasionally needed to improve your lawn.


  • Aeration: If your soil is compact and pooling water each time it rains, it's probably time to aerate. Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes to improve the flow of water, air, and nutrients. While it only needs to be done once every 1-3 years, it can drastically improve your turf's health.

  • Overseeding: If you have empty patches in your grass or want to improve your turf's density, overseeding can be beneficial. Overseeding is the process of sowing grass seeds into your existing lawn to improve the appearance and strength of your lawn without starting from scratch. If your lawn struggles with specific issues, such as drought or shade intolerance, you can also sow new grass types to improve your lawn's ability to manage these problems.

Save Time With First-Rate Lawn Care In North Dakota Today!

Don't start spring with a sickly lawn. Winter can be brutal to lawns in the Midwest, but you don't have to settle for a weakened lawn in the warmer months. Let us give your property a pick-me-up with expert spring fertilizing and see the results within days. That way, your family can relish every day of spring and summer!

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