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Image by Syed Ali

Mosquito Control Program

Southview Outdoor Services offers a reliable and effective mosquito control service. Our team uses a safe and eco-friendly method to ensure that people and pets are always kept in mind when there is an application or treatment. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with no use of harmful chemicals.

Our Mosquito Control program consists of 5 treatments, scheduled every 3-4 weeks apart. We will spray the perimeter of the property, up and under foliage, around and under decks/seating areas paying particular attention to where mosquitos live.


Mosquitos are a flying insect and while we cannot guarantee 100% eradication, our timely treatments will significantly help reduce the pest population. These treatments will eliminate pests on contact but additionally offer a residual effect.


Tips you can do to help keep mosquito populations at bay:

  • Reduce or eliminate any standing or pooling water (tires, wheel barrels, etc.)

  • Dump bird baths weekly and refill

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