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Irrigation Programs

Regular watering is crucial to a healthy lawn, and an irrigation system could be the perfect way to help. We'll let you know when and how much to water your lawn based on its specific needs.

We can design and install an irrigation system that will work efficiently and effectively in your yard. We can install a system during landscaping work or help with any problems in your current system. Our irrigation specialists also do seasonal adjustments for weather and precipitation.

Annual Service Agreement Plans and Benefits

Hydro Plus

15% OFF ON ALL PARTS that are installed throughout the season

Discount offer for upgrading to WiFi Controller

1 FREE roto head included

72 Hour Service Call Response time

Spring Start-Up* - Includes the following:

  • Startup/Activation

  • Inspect the entire system checking for leaks

  • Provide list of recommendations

Spring Start-Up* - Includes the following:

  • Inspect the entire system, carefully examining the performance of each component for proper function, head heights, arc adjustments and valve responsiveness.

  • Inspect nozzles for proper and efficient water distribution. Aging nozzles can wear and become distorted preventing efficient water distribution.

  • Program the controller for proper watering times based on season, soil type, sunny and shady areas.

  • Test the Rain Sensor to ensure that it is working and adjusted properly.

  • Provide you with a System Efficiency Report that will give you specific system recommendations to improve efficiency, conserve water and save money.

  • 48-hour Priority Service from June through September.

Medium ‘Efficient water usage’ Plan** - Strongly recommended.

  • Mid-Season Check ensuring peak efficiency.

  • Ensures System scheduling is appropriate for the season.

  • As the season changes, this controller adjustment saves water and maintains the health of your landscape.

Fall Blow-Out/Winterization of your system

*Spring Start-Up includes up to one hour of labor and mobilization costs

**This Mid-Season Check-Up includes up to 1/2 hour of labor and mobilization.

(Discounted repair/replacement parts additional.)

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